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An incomparable, well-rounded recording full of esprit and enthusiasm.

The finest chamber music from the city of Mozart, Salzburg: Mozart composed the unique Divertimenti KV 136, 137, 138 at the beginning of 1772 in Salzburg, between his second and third journeys to Italy. The works conform to an Italian sinfonia featuring three movements, but the character reflects a divertimento. The term divertimento means ‘pastime, diversion’. These pieces were meant for evening entertainment. They would have been performed outside by candle light in the Mirabell Garden or in front of the university. This recording of the Salzburg Mozart Quartet inspires with its highly individual musical style. Beauty and a dancing lightness delight the senses.

G.F.Kasparek /

… the Salzburg Mozart Quartet performs this sublime ‘pop music’ (Kleine Nachtmusik) with musical freshness and a fine touch, presents a treasure trove of temperament, vitality and stylistic aplomb … demonstrates how exciting popular music can sound, organic and with an absence of false meaning.

In addition, this CD offers more rarities from Mozart’s inexhaustible workshop, namely, the March KV 290. The natural horn players, Radovan Vlatkovic and Markus Hauser, fit unobtrusively into the quartet’s sound with beautiful, warm, luminous tones…

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